How to wear a green dress this summer

With summer almost here it’s time to embrace strong, bright colours and statement prints.

How to wear a green dress this summer

Although the mind often wanders to flowery shades of fuchsia, yellow and orange at this time of year, there is also another colour synonymous with nature that you might not have considered yet: green. An article in Very Well Mind states that green is a natural colour that evokes feelings of tranquility and calmness. It’s also a colour associated with good luck and health, so if you want to showcase shades of green in your summer wardrobe then here are some ways you can style a green dress.

How to wear a green dress this summer

The professional look

Emerald green is a striking colour that exudes class and charm. A fitted, pencil dress in deep emerald could be paired with a beige cardigan or light trench coat, a pair of nude heels and some cats eyes sunglasses to create a professional look that could take you from the boardroom to post-work evening drinks effortlessly.

Formal but floaty

Summer is wedding season and a floaty green maxi dress in stunning aqua or statement lime could be the ultimate guest ensemble. Teamed with gold heels, handbag and statement jewellery, a maxi dress is a great option for a summer day as it is stylish while also being cool and comfortable for a long day outdoors. Alternatively, it can be dressed down with sandals for a lazy day at the beach – this is the beauty of the maxi dress and one reason it should be a summer staple for every woman.

Rock chick

A darker green like deep olive can be an edgy colour that isn’t often seen in the summer months. Take your opportunity to make an alternative statement in a deep, dark green maxi dress or bodycon for a night out clubbing. Teamed with black leather, heeled boots and sharp, striking accessories like a spiky bag or hooped earrings, this is a badass look sure to bring out the green-eyed monster in your friends.

Ultimate glamour

A green cocktail dress spells pure elegance and would be ideal for a super formal event this summer. Whether it’s a fancy wedding, a formal work ceremony or other high class event, you can team it with some not-so-subtle bling (think big rocks and sparkly heels) for a sheer goddess look.

Controlled Substance Details You Ought To Recognize

Controlled Substance Details You Ought To Recognize

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Controlled Substance Details You Ought To Recognize

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